October’s exercise of the month: Double leg stretch, full exercise!

Double leg stretch: full version

Set up:

  • Supine
  • Knees flexed
  • Feet hip distance apart


  • Inhale: Contract abdominals and posteriorly tilt pelvis
  • Exhale: Lift one foot at a time into tabletop
  • Inhale: Contract abdominals
  • Exhale: Nod and curl and flex spine off of mat
  • Inhale: Reach arms above your head and extend knees
  • Exhale: Circle arms down by hips and flex knees and hips

Do 8-10 repetitions

Meet Rachel!

Meet Rachel!

Rachel Goldstein is a Brooklyn native with an RachelGinnate interest in movement. A life-long dancer, she received a bachelor of arts in dance from Hunter College where she also studied anatomy and kinesiology. After an overuse injury, she found Pilates to be the best form of physical rehabilitation and functional movement training. Rachel completed her Pilates certification through the Kane School of Core Integration and has studied with renowned anatomist Irene Dowd. She enthusiastically continues her studies. Rachel is dedicated to making her clients feel at home and empowered in their bodies.

Fave muscle: Mid/low trap because it’s a super shoulder stabilizer!

Preferred Prop: The foam roller because it’s so diverse. It makes bridging more challenging and also gives a great self-massage.

Fun fact: Rachel recently welcomed a rescue dog named Birdie into her family.

Rachel is currently on our schedule Wednesday & Thursday afternoons and evenings, and she’s teaching the Wednesday evening mat class, 7-8pm, as of Oct 22! Grab a session with her now!

kinectED: Pilates Programming for Dance Injuries!

Sally_headshotSally is back! Our beloved former instructor, Sally Donaubauer, PT, DPT, OCS, returns for a 2-day workshop to share her invaluable experience & incomparable knowledge in the field of injury prevention and treatment for dancers. She will teach an informative 2-day workshop for movement professionals exploring the anatomy and biomechanics of proper dance technique as well as common dance injuries and movement dysfunction. Participants can expect to:

  • Review anatomy
  • Explore biomechanics of proper dance technique
  • Learn common dance injuries and movement dysfunction
  • Refine movement analysis skills to identify movement dysfunction.
  • Learn Pilates mat and equipment programming to address movement dysfunction and prevent injuries.

barre_pic_IIPilates Programming for Dance Injuries: Sat, 10/11 – Sun, 10/12; 9am-4pm both days! $325, 12 Kane School CECs. Get your spot!


meditate, create, donate

Meet Taz, Rich and Adam, friends of Kinected and the team behind the Reciprocity Foundation. They are a world-class, contemplative 501c(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help homeless, runaway, and foster care youth from all five boroughs of NYC to realize their full potential.
The Reciprocity Foundation offers programs at all major youth homeless shelters and foster care agencies; typical success stories involve youth graduating the program and then enrolling in college (usually with full financial aid), moving out of the shelter system and developing a strong resume step-up work experiences and professional contacts. Youth also gain access to holistic health services at our center to help them cope with stress and heal from trauma.
As part of their 10th Anniversary Celebration, Reciprocity’s youth helped design a meditation cushion  available for purchase to support mindfulness practice for youth in shelter, foster care and supportive housing.
Learn more about the Reciprocity Foundation, and feel inspired by the message behind these youth-designed meditation cushions.
Purchase one and help promote self-care, mindfulness and love for homeless youth.

September exercise of the month: Double Leg Stretch

Maintain your summer bod through the fall season with this old favorite- our first modification for Double Leg Stretch. More modifications to follow!

Modification 1
Set Up:
Knees bent/ feet on mat
Arms by torso
Inhale: contract abdominals
Exhale: nod and curl off mat
Inhale : reach arms above your head
Exhale: circle the arms down towards the hips
Inhale: repeat


kinectED: Pilates Through Pregnancy

18Join Deb Goodman, MSPT for one of most popular kinectED workshops, Pilates Through Pregnancy, to learn non-traditional mat repertoire that supports musculoskeletal changes that occur during pregnancy. During this weekend-long workshop participants will also have the opportunity to:

  • explore the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy
  • discuss the precautions and contraindications of working with this population
  • learn about the musculoskeletal changes of pregnancy and how they impact posture and biomechanics
  • gain a greater understanding of how pregnancy impacts the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • learn how to design a safe and effective exercise program for pregnant women by the end of the course

The workshop will take place Saturday & Sunday, September 27th & 28th: 9am-4pm and is worth 12 Kane School CECs. Sign up now!

August exercise of the month: Side Plank part 2

Kinected moms- check out this adorable variation of side plank! No baby, but ready for the challenge? Grab your yoga block and get to work:

We are also proud to introduce our newest Kinected family member, Reece Bex McCulloch,born 7.29.14

“Show me that side plank!”