Exercise of the month: Rolling Like a Ball

On the go this holiday season? Take us with you! Check out our exercise of the month series — this month’s exercise is rolling like a ball:

Set up:Soccer

  • Seated, knees flexed hands holding shins
  • Neutral spine or slightly flexed lumbar


  • Inhale: Contract abdominals
  • Exhale: Roll back off of ischial tuberosity and flex
  • Inhale: Maintain contraction
  • Exhale: Articulate up to seated position

Modification: Alternate lifting one foot

Calling all Turkey Trotters!

mark klion headshotSome great tips from Dr. Mark Klion for upcoming Turkey day (or any cold day) fun runs! 

As the cold weather starts to roll into the east, it is important that a proper warm up is done prior to running a race. Every person is different but no matter how long the race is, a 10-15 min warm is a great way to help prevent injury. A simple slow jog or fast-paced walk is a good start. A few short 10-15 seconds of race-pace running can be thrown into the warm up as well. You can do this with some warm clothes, which you can discard before the race begins.

If you are able to develop a light sweat,  it would also be a good time to do some light stretching. Muscles, tendon and ligaments are more receptive to stretching and potentially less likely to be injured. Despite some recent studies, running distances greater than a mile is not affected by stretching before the event. Stretches should be done dynamically–such as moving lunges–as opposed to static stretching which would be trying to touch your toes and holding it there. Stay warm with a hat and some gloves, and you can also put some lubricant on areas that might get irritated due to dry skin and friction from more clothing. Train smart and stay healthy. Good Luck!

Meet Heather!

Heather headshotMeet Heather!

We are pleased to welcome Heather Shank to the Kinected team! A former dancer, Heather found Pilates as a fitness modality ten years ago in small town Indiana.  Dancing less and less as the years went by, she found that Pilates was still a great way to find strength, grace and coordination in movement.  After moving to New York and advancing in her high stress hospitality career, she decided it was time to focus on what she found important: helping others find that same strength and grace!  Heather earned both her mat and comprehensive Pilates certifications from the Kane School of Core Integration.  She is thrilled to be an instructor at Kinected!

Preferred Prop: My favorite prop is a yoga block. Or a Kane School ball. That’s a tough decision!

Fave muscle: My favorite muscles are the gluts! They’re so important to our movement experience, even when we don’t realize it!

Fun fact: When I’m not doing Pilates, I’m probably hanging out with my pug, Hercules. He’s awesome.

Book with Heather on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays!

kinectED: Vocalates™ Workshop: Applying the Pilates Method to Vocal Production

vocalatesKinected Senior instructor & GYROTONIC® Master Trainer Michelle Spinner has been hard at work with Candace Walters to develop the Vocalates™ method–a system of exercises designed to help support the breath, create resonant sound, and integrate movement and vocal production with freedom and ease. In their upcoming Vocalates™ Workshop: Applying the Pilates Method to Vocal Production they will introduce a series of mat and small prop exercises customized expressly for singers, actors, public speakers, and anyone who wants a healthy, robust, supple, and expressive voice. In this workshop, participants can expect to learn:

  • Respiratory and Vocal Anatomy
  • Tension release techniques to free up the voice and open the throat
  • Exercises to bring equilibrium and healthy, efficient biomechanics to the entire human instrument
  • Breath-work to train the entire respiratory mechanism
  • How to integrate vocalizing and movement – how to bring vocal production into a Pilates session

Saturday, 11/15: 9am-5:30pm; CECs: Kane School & PMA = 8 hours; Cost: $275

Wednesday is the last day to register; save your spot today!

kinectED: Healthy Necks

373Puzzled by healthy neck mechanics for abdominal exercises? Mystified by the musculoskeletal anatomy of the cervical spine and cranio-cervical junction? Find answers to these questions and more in our next kinectED workshop: Healthy Necks with Kelly Kane. Kelly will take a closer look at the classic principles of cervical nod and curl and help develop your eyes and hands so that you can facilitate clients in group and one-on-one settings. Participants can also expect to:

  • develop a three dimensional understanding of healthy neck mechanics in supine, prone and seated exercises through visual presentation and self palpation
  • investigate normal and pathological movement patterns at the cranio-cervical juncture and in cervical spine
  • analyze the most efficient muscular recruitment patterns for cervical nod and curl
  • learn ways to assess unhealthy patterns in head and neck movement and ways to facilitate our clients to move with ease and without pain
  • develop acuity in our visual and manual assessment of head and neck mechanics

Healthy Necks – Date: Friday, 11/7: 2-6pm; Cost: $225; CECs: Kane School = 4 hours — save your spot now!

Next up: Vocalates™ Workshop: Applying the Pilates Method to Vocal Production with Michelle Spinner & Candace Walters — Saturday, 11/15: 9am-5:30pm


October’s exercise of the month: Double leg stretch, full exercise!

Double leg stretch: full version

Set up:

  • Supine
  • Knees flexed
  • Feet hip distance apart


  • Inhale: Contract abdominals and posteriorly tilt pelvis
  • Exhale: Lift one foot at a time into tabletop
  • Inhale: Contract abdominals
  • Exhale: Nod and curl and flex spine off of mat
  • Inhale: Reach arms above your head and extend knees
  • Exhale: Circle arms down by hips and flex knees and hips

Do 8-10 repetitions

Meet Rachel!

Meet Rachel!

Rachel Goldstein is a Brooklyn native with an RachelGinnate interest in movement. A life-long dancer, she received a bachelor of arts in dance from Hunter College where she also studied anatomy and kinesiology. After an overuse injury, she found Pilates to be the best form of physical rehabilitation and functional movement training. Rachel completed her Pilates certification through the Kane School of Core Integration and has studied with renowned anatomist Irene Dowd. She enthusiastically continues her studies. Rachel is dedicated to making her clients feel at home and empowered in their bodies.

Fave muscle: Mid/low trap because it’s a super shoulder stabilizer!

Preferred Prop: The foam roller because it’s so diverse. It makes bridging more challenging and also gives a great self-massage.

Fun fact: Rachel recently welcomed a rescue dog named Birdie into her family.

Rachel is currently on our schedule Wednesday & Thursday afternoons and evenings, and she’s teaching the Wednesday evening mat class, 7-8pm, as of Oct 22! Grab a session with her now!