upcoming kinectED: Dynamic Exploration of the Anatomy of Breathing

Don’t miss our next kinectED course: Dynamic Exploration of the Anatomy of Breathing with Michelle Spinner! In this 1-day workshop, participants will: Gain a deeper understanding of the respiratory mechanism both technically and experientially Learn how to train the respiratory mechanism to function fully and effectively Learn how to relieve tension through the breath Explore … More upcoming kinectED: Dynamic Exploration of the Anatomy of Breathing

instructor spotlight: Kristen Rizzuto!

Meet Kristen! Check out our spotlight on the fabulous Kristen Rizzuto, kinected instructor & professional dancer! Preferred prop: Squishy ball! Gurdy ball! Overball! Whatever it’s called, I love it. It’s such a versatile little dude! You can easily change its size & stick it anywhere. Suddenly you have a device capable of increasing proprioception and … More instructor spotlight: Kristen Rizzuto!

upcoming kinectED: Prop Intensive!

Often Pilates mat classes need an added boost, so we’re thrilled to offer up Prop Intensive for our upcoming kinectED workshop. Join Teacher Trainer and Kinected Education manager, Stephanie Bittner, as she takes you through this intensive prop introduction. Participants will come away from this workshop with a full tool box of skills and choreography … More upcoming kinectED: Prop Intensive!