Happy Summer Feet

Read & view Kelly’s famous foot advice for keeping your toes a-tappin’ this summer! Want more? View our class schedule to see when she will be teaching!

Kelly says:

Having healthy summer feet is a must for any New Yorker!  When we switch from shoes that have support and shock absorption to flip-flops and thin-soled shoes, our feet need to be strong and adaptable to be able to handle the transition (while also looking great).  This series of exercises will provide you with a few ways to keep your feet pain-free and strong through the summer.

Check out the vid for:

·      Lower leg stretches and mobilizations with the world-renowned Kane School ball to keep the plantar fascia and subtalar joints happy.

·      Theraband exercises to cultivate muscular support and strength.

·      A few other gems to keep your anterior tibialis and the intrinsics of the foot active and supporting the arch.

If you are a movement or fitness professional and interested in learning more, come join me for an in-depth look at the anatomy, physiology and a multitude of exercises to cultivate a real foot fetish: The Foot Workout with Kelly Kane: July 23rd & 24th; 10am-1pm.

For more tips on keeping your tootsies tickled, see Carrie’s advice on staying healthy in heels.

One thought on “Happy Summer Feet

  1. My second metatarsals on both feet are dropped and I am always looking for new ways to lift and strengthen that area. Thanks Kelly! I was so happy to see a video by you and to feel like I am getting personal instruction!

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