kinectED: Osteoporosis In Depth: Recommendations and New Perspectives

Join Rebekah Rotstein, osteoporosis expert and creator of the Pilates for Buff Bones® DVD, for a comprehensive look at this ‘silent disease’. Her workshop, Osteoporosis in Depth: Recommendations and New Perspectives, will take place Saturday, April 28th: 10am-6pm and Sunday, April 29th: 10am-5pm. Here are a few things participants can expect to learn in her workshop:


  • The ABCs of bone metabolism and how bone loss naturally occurs
  • How osteoporosis may actually be a life-saving act of the body
  • Ways to work the abs without spinal flexion
  • Exercises to strengthen the hips, alleviate back pain and improve balance all at once
  • How to empower your clients and bone up on functional anatomy!

Sign up here!

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