Instructor Spotlight: Meet Cesa!

Meet Cesa!

Cesa is a native of the Northwest where she received her BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts. When seeking a means of supporting her performance work, she found the Kane School, which provided the best education when it comes to bio-mechanics and anatomy. Understanding alignment has always been a passion for her when learning any modality. She enjoys working with women pre and post-natal and is not squeamish around baby vomit or their tiny cries.

Preferred Prop?

“Bumpy ball. I especially like it for sit ups. It’s assistive and you get a little back massage at the same time!”

Fave muscle?

“Biceps. I’m hoping to get mine into enough shape that I can do at least three pull ups.”

Fun fact?

“I have jumped off a 50 foot cliff into the ocean. It was pretty amazing on the way down, much scarier trying to climb back up.”

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