Kane School Bridge Program Q&A

Taryn Layne- Mulhern (graduate of the Bridge Program)
Susan Markowitz, Anita Halton & Maria Carrozza (current Bridge Program students)
kane-school-logoWhat drew you to the Kane School Bridge Program?
SM: I wanted to involve myself with Kelly Kane and get familiar, and even master if possible, her ideas of core integration. I was also seeking a high quality certification program and have found that other programs don’t offer the rehab focus I’ve come to love.

TLM: What drew me to the Kane School bridge program was a desire to expand my knowledge and approach.  After completing my full certification through another Pilates program, I felt like I was stuck in a box, and felt like I had tunnel vision.  I wanted my knowledge to be more intricate, and deeper, but I also wanted to be more open-minded.
MC: My experience with FAMI really brought to light the commitment  that the Kane School  has to anatomy. I am passionate about the functionality of the body and so is the Kane School. I was also drawn in by the broad scope of certifications that the school recognizes for entrance into the program.
AH: Kelly Kane and the Kane School’s reputation initially attracted me to Kinected as a student. Once I learned how well educated and focused the Kane school graduates truly were, I knew that I wanted to become one. As an already certified instructor, the Bridge program was perfect for me. 
Do you feel obtaining two certifications has enhanced your teaching? If so, in what ways?
TLM: Having two certifications has enhanced my teaching… It took a few months of teaching, after completing the bridge program, for everything to truly mesh for me (after condensing everything into one summer, I still had to digest it), and for me to be able to really grow with it.  It has allowed me to be more confident and keeps me on my toes, and I feel like I unlock more “aha” moments, in a way I know I would not have, had I not attended the Kane School Bridge Program.
AH: The Kane school certification is changing how I assess and how I approach every client.  My sessions are becoming more directed and focused on what each client needs.  I feel that my assessment skills and understanding of biomechanics are improving my understanding of the body and therefore positively impact how I teach.
Have you found that having two certifications makes you more marketable to potential employers?
TLM: I do think that having these two certifications has made me more marketable to potential employers.  The Kane School is recognized by people in areas other than the Northeast, and it is a respected certification.  Not being glued to my original certification has opened me up to opportunities that would not otherwise have been there, and has given me the ability to seize opportunities I might not have considered before.
What did you learn in the Kane School’s program that supplemented your original certification?
TLM: The way that the Kane School training is so interwoven with anatomy and biomechanics, it’s exactly what I was looking for.  And it was fantastic that I felt like I could ask the teacher trainers any and every question, and they either knew the answer or were just as interested as I was to find out what the answer was. Everything is presented in a way that makes it spring to life and fit together, and I felt energized by that, every day I spent in the Bridge Program.
AH: The Kane School’s focus on biomechanics, assessment, touch and dealing with specialized populations sets it apart from other programs.  While my first certification included elements of these, it was not as clearly taught and not as comprehensive.  The Kane School makes difficult to teach principles accessible and understandable.  That is part of the beauty and benefit of this program.

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