march exercise(s) of the month: full workout! Part 2

This Month, we’re posting exercises that combine to create an entire at-home workout! If you missed our last post, find it here. Then, continue your workout with the exercises below. Don’t let this cold weather stop you from getting your Pilates workout!

Joseph Pilates flexes in the face of winter.
Joseph Pilates flexes in the face of winter.

Exercise 5-Toe Taps with Over Ball

Set Up:

Supine/knees flexed/one leg in tabletop
Neutral spine                                                                                                              Bumpy Ball underneath sacrum

Inhale: Contract abdominals/flex lumbar
Exhale: Tap one foot down on the mat slowly
Inhale: Lift foot off of mat

Advanced modification: Lift both feet of off the mat and lower both feet toward mat

* Feet should only lower as low as stabilization of the lumbo pelvic region can be maintained

Exercise 6-Bridging with Overball

Set Up:

Supine/knees flexed (overball in between knees)                                               Neutral spine

Inhale: Contract abdominals
Exhale: Bridge pelvis off mat/ squeezing overball
Inhale: Lift one foot and extend knee (stabilizing pelvis)

Advanced Modification: Bridge hips off of mat and lift heels maintaining neutral pelvis

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