march exercise(s) of the month: full workout! Part 3

For part 3 of our full workout series, we cross the “bridge” between winter and spring! Follow Studio Director Matt McCulloch in this latest how-to video, and add these exercises to your practice of part 1 and part 2.

Exercise 7+8-Bridging Variations (8-10 repetitions)

Set Up:

Supine                                                                                                                             Knees flexed/feet hip distance apart/ overball or block in between knees       Neutral spine

Inhale: Contract abdominals
Exhale: Lift hips in neutral position off of mat (do not articulate)
Inhale: Return to neutral position


In the bridge position lift one foot off of the floor and extend knee (maintaining pelvic stability)

In the bridge position lift heels off the floor and hold, deepening the glutes and hamstrings.



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