May exercise(s) of the month: Part 5 of our in-home workout!

If you’ve been following our exercise of the month in-home series, then it’s time to string them all together! Join Matt McCulloch in these videos as he reviews each exercise. Missed parts 1 through 4? Catch up here.


Exercises 1-4:

1.Articulating Spine
2. Quadruped Hover
3. Alternating Quadruped
4. Alternating Quadruped/abduction

Exercises 5-9:

5. Bridging with Overball
6+7. Bridging variations
8. Toe Taps

9. Roll up with Theraband

Exercise 10-11:

10. The Hundred with Thera-band
11. Chest expansion with Thera-band in lunge

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