kinectED: Vocalates™ Workshop: Applying the Pilates Method to Vocal Production

vocalatesKinected Senior instructor & GYROTONIC® Master Trainer Michelle Spinner has been hard at work with Candace Walters to develop the Vocalates™ method–a system of exercises designed to help support the breath, create resonant sound, and integrate movement and vocal production with freedom and ease. In their upcoming Vocalates™ Workshop: Applying the Pilates Method to Vocal Production they will introduce a series of mat and small prop exercises customized expressly for singers, actors, public speakers, and anyone who wants a healthy, robust, supple, and expressive voice. In this workshop, participants can expect to learn:

  • Respiratory and Vocal Anatomy
  • Tension release techniques to free up the voice and open the throat
  • Exercises to bring equilibrium and healthy, efficient biomechanics to the entire human instrument
  • Breath-work to train the entire respiratory mechanism
  • How to integrate vocalizing and movement – how to bring vocal production into a Pilates session

Saturday, 11/15: 9am-5:30pm; CECs: Kane School & PMA = 8 hours; Cost: $275

Wednesday is the last day to register; save your spot today!

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