New family-friendly exercises of 2015: Rolling like a ball with baby modification!

happy new year 2015We’re starting off this new year with tips to help make your healthy habits stick. Want to work out at home more but use your kids as an excuse not to? Now use them as the excuse TO exercise by integrating them into your workout! You’ll get the chance to fire up your core & they’ll get to go for a fun ride.

January’s exercise of the month:

Rolling Like a Ball, modification with baby (Reece!):

set up:

  • Seated, tuck baby in lap
  • Flex knees and place feet on the floor
  • Use arms to hold baby in place across your torso


  • Stabilize and sit up tall
  • Inhale, flex abdominals and flex spine
  • Exhale, roll back along spine onto your thoracic and come back up to balance
  • Inhale, Repeat

Stay tuned for the full toddler modification!

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