kinectED: The S.I. Joint with Kuan Hui Chew!

kuan headshot for websiteJoin Kuan this July for her ever popular take on the S.I. Joint! To the oft asked question regarding its mobility, the answer – like the joint – is quite complex. This workshop explores the multi-dimensional nature of the SIJ, looking into its function and relationship with both nearby and distal structures. Designed for equipment-certified Pilates instructors, this course will give a deeper understanding of lumbosacral anatomy, biomechanics, and exercises that nurture this region of the body. Participants can expect to learn:

  • The biomechanics and physiology of the SI-joint
  • The common dysfunctions like hypermobility and hypomobility of the SI-joint and their causes
  • Unconventional look at how upper body immobility affects the SI-joint
  • How the mechanics of the legs affects the SI-Joint
  • How to harmonize the tension around the SI-Joint through conventional and creative exercises

Don’t miss this incredible workshop: pelvis_tn
Saturday-Sunday, 7/25-7/26, 9am-1pm both days
$275; get your spot!

CECs: Kane School = 8 hrs

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