kinectED: Pilates Through Pregnancy – Advanced Level with Deb Goodman, MSPT & Matt McCulloch

Join Deb Goodman, MSPT and Matt McCulloch, kinected studio director, for the next level of the super popular kinectED workshop, Pilates Through Pregnancy – Advanced Level, as they complete your pre-natal and post natal education with a versatile weekend of education that will include new mat exercises for pre and postnatal clients as well as valuable assessment tools for the pre and postnatal mom. During this weekend-long workshop* participants will also have the opportunity to:

-Review primary goals for designing an exercise program for the prenatal client
-Review diastasis recti assessment and correction program
-Implement stability tools including physioballs and foam rollers
-Discuss pelvic pain during pregnancy and tools for managing pain
-Implement prenatal exercise goals on pilates apparatus

* prerequisite: previous prenatal & postnatal Pilates experience

Cost: $475 (deposit $237.50)
CECs: Kane school = 13hrs
PMA Credits = 13

Friday, 10/9: 3-6pm
Saturday, 10/10: 10am-5pm
Sunday, 10/11: 9am-12pm

Get in now!

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