upcoming kinectED: Prop Intensive!

Often Pilates mat classes need an added boost, so we’re thrilled to offer up Prop Intensive for our upcoming kinectED workshop. Join Teacher Trainer and Kinected Education manager, Stephanie Bittner, as she takes you through this intensive prop introduction. Participants will come away from this workshop with a full tool box of skills and choreography guaranteed to infuse their mat classes with new growth and energy, such as:

  • How to structure a class integrating physio ball, theraband, magic circle and foam roller
  • How to use the prop in all planes (standing, siting, kneeling, etc)
  • How to improve posture
  • How to challenge coordination

Get your spot for Prop Intensive!
Saturday, 8/6: 1:30am-5:30pm
Fee: $180
CECs: Kane School = 4 hours

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