upcoming kinectED: improving proprioception with Kuan Hui Chew


Our February kinectED course is not to be missed! Sought-after and inspirational teacher Kuan Hui Chew leads Improving Proprioception: An Essential Component to Injury Recovery to shed light on how injuries, big or small, disrupt our proprioceptors – our built-in auto correct system – which  very often leads to compensatory injuries or repetitive injuries such as habitual ankle sprain and misaligned posture. Since an injury recovery program is not complete until the proprioceptors regain their full functioning capacity, this workshop is designed for practitioners who are interested in finding rehabilitation exercises that target the nervous system.

In this 5-hour workshop, participants will also learn:
  • The function and importance of proprioception
  • How proprioceptors operate
  • How injuries affect proprioception
  • What happens when one loses proprioceptive awareness
  • How to rehab impaired proprioception through dynamic spiral movement and even incorporating ‘taboo’ movement as part of the rehab program
Cost: $275.00 (deposit $137.50)
CECs: Kane School = 5 hours

Get in now.

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